Class CAP3SCIGPRSBillingChargingCharacteristics

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DataObject, Serializable

    public class CAP3SCIGPRSBillingChargingCharacteristics
    extends ExtendibleOctetString
    API for CAP-datatypes.SCIGPRSBillingChargingCharacteristics. Generated from the following ASN.1 type definition.
     SCIGPRSBillingChargingCharacteristics ::=
         OCTET STRING (SIZE (4..124)) (CONTAINING CAMEL-SCIGPRSBillingChargingCharacteristics)

    This API has both a byteArray and a containedValue.

    When a value of this type is received from the network, the received bytes are assigned to the byteArray, and then those bytes are decoded and any resulting value is assigned to the containedValue.

    When a value of this type is sent to the network, any non-null containedValue is encoded and the resulting bytes are sent to the network, otherwise the bytes in the byteArray are sent to the network.

    Used as field type by CAP3SendChargingInformationGPRSArg.

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