The backends support failover and recovery from a backend or CE failure through the Signalware "backup process" mechanism.

A backend may specify a (single) backup process. If the original backend fails, for example due to CE failure, then the backup process will recover the dialogs the failed process was responsible for, and take over their processing.

Note Failure recovery can never be perfect — network messages currently being processed at the time of failure will be lost — so 100% of dialogs cannot always be recovered.

How to configure a backup process

To configure a backup process, use the -backup cename.processname syntax, specifying the CE name and logical process name of the backup process.

Warning The backup process must be configured with the same SS7 variant, SS7 logical node, and local SSN as the primary process.
Note Normally, processes will be configured in pairs, with each member of a pair acting as backup for the other.
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