The teleSys MACH7 TCRA is a software component provided by teleSys which, when installed into CGIN, allows CGIN and the Scenario Simulator to use the teleSys MACH7 TCAP stack.

The teleSys MACH7 TCRA and CGIN

The TCRA provides the CGIN-side, front-end component of the MACH7 stack, and is responsible for communicating with the MACH7 backend servers.

Beginning with CGIN the TCRA is no longer built into CGIN. Instead, an installation script and a default version of the TCRA are included with CGIN. Customers may install the TCRA included with CGIN, or a different version of the TCRA, if required. The installation script has been tested with and is known to work with the version of the TCRA included with CGIN. If the installation procedure for the desired version of the TCRA differs from that of the TCRA included with CGIN then the script may not work and it may be necessary to install the desired TCRA manually using the instructions provided by teleSys.

OpenCloud installation script for teleSys MACH7 RA

The script automates the instructions provided by teleSys to insert the MACH7 TCRA into the CGIN Unified RA deployable unit and into the CGIN protocol adaptor used by the bundled Scenario Simulator. Documentation for this script is provided below.

If you would like to use SCTP as a transport protocol between CGIN and the MACH7 server then you may also wish to read Using SCTP, which documents SCTP set up and configuration.

Where and when to run the MACH7 installation script

If desired, this script should be run once:

  • before deploying the CGIN Unified RA; or

  • in any newly unpacked CGIN copy which requires the Scenario Simulator to communicate via the teleSys MACH7 stack.

CGIN can be zipped back up after running the MACH7 installation script, if desired, allowing the installation script to be run on systems other than the one on which CGIN will eventually be deployed into Rhino.


  • CGIN unpacked

  • Perl

  • Oracle JVM 1.5 or newer

  • Bash

  • (optional, unsupported) A different version of the MACH7 TCRA than that shipped with CGIN, unpacked somewhere.


Run the installer script:


The script will attempt to automatically determine the location of required components. If these components cannot be found it will prompt for their location.

It will prompt for the location of the TCRA to be installed, defaulting to the one distributed with this version of CGIN.

The CGIN unified RA DU and the CGIN unified RA implementation jar inside that DU will then be patched with the M7TCRA.

If the CGIN unified RA has already been deployed then it MUST be redeployed after installation is complete.

Non-interactive installation

To successfully run the installer in non-interactive mode the installer needs to be able to find all required components in their default locations. Specifically:

  • unzip, zip, tar, gunzip and perl must all be in the default PATH

  • The MACH7 TCRA must be unpacked into telesys/files/ and must be the only MACH7 TCRA there. The installer will install the first M7TCRA matching the pattern $SCRIPT_DIR/files/M7TCRA_*.

Run the installer script with the -a option:

bash -a

Installing a custom version of the MACH7 TCRA

If you wish, you may provide the location of an alternate version of the MACH7 TCRA when asked for the location of the TCRA. The installer will make a "best efforts" attempt to install that version.


Different releases of the TCRA may require different installation procedures than those carried out by the script, and as such we cannot guarantee that any version of the TCRA other than that distributed with CGIN will successfully install.

In the case where the installation script fails it will be necessary for you to install the TCRA manually into the CGIN deployables following the installation instructions provided by teleSys.

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