Here are some things to note when migrating to CGIN 1.5x:

When…​ Do this:

Upgrading from a CGIN older than 1.4.x

First upgrade to 1.4.0 using the process described in Appendix B of the CGIN 1.4 Installation and Configuration Guide.

Using the API

Review the revised service code to the 1.5.x API. For an informal summary of API changes, please see the Changelog. For details of the new API, see the Javadoc.

Migrating Scenario files to the current schema version

Note that the Scenario Simulator IN Scenario Pack’s schema has changed for this release. The Scenario Editor provides support for automatically migrating scenarios to the latest IN Scenario Pack schema version, please see the --migrate option under Command-line options in the Scenario Editor User Guide.

Configuring the RA

If you’ve been using CGIN 1.4.x, note that the configuration property acn-mappings no longer exists. It has been subsumed by the new configuration properties acn-inbound-aliases and acn-outbound-mappings — see Administering the CGIN Resource Adaptor Entity.

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