Package com.opencloud.slee.resources.cgin.etsi_inap_cs1

Provides an API for the ETSI INAP CS1 protocol.

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Package com.opencloud.slee.resources.cgin.etsi_inap_cs1 Description

Provides an API for the ETSI INAP CS1 protocol.


This package provides a machine-generated API for the ETSI INAP CS1 protocol. It is organized as an extension of the "callcontrol" pseudo-protocol, with changes for CS1-specific protocol details.

Protocol compliance

This API and underlying implementation is based on the ETSI standard ETS 300 374-1 dated 1994-09 ("ETSI INAP CS1"). In general, it implements only the behavior specified at the network level - i.e. encoding of messages, mapping to TCAP, and so on. Other application-level behavioral requirements, such as management of call state machines, are assumed to be the responsibility of the implementing SLEE service.

Specification implementation notes

API packages and identifier prefix

The ETSI INAP CS1 API is divided into these subpackages:

In general, all top-level classes and interfaces in these packages begin with a common prefix, CS1, so it is safe to use a wildcard package import without colliding with other protocols.

Dialog Extension Interface

This API defines CS1Dialog, an extension of the callcontrol CCDialog interface that adds convenience methods for dealing with CS1-specific operations, results, and errors. This interface is implemented only on dialogs that actually use ETSI INAP CS1 as their network protocol.