This document covers deploying, configuring, and managing the Metaswitch Rhino CDR Resource Adaptor.


Overview and Concepts

  • how the CDR Resource Adaptor serves as an interface to SBBs to write Call Detail Records

  • general options for managing CDR streams and generating CDR files

Getting Started

  • how to deploy the resource adaptor

  • resource adaptor output formats

  • resource adaptor deactivation process

Resource Adaptor Configuration

  • how to configure a resource adaptor entity

  • how to use profiles to configure the CDR streams

  • active reconfiguration

Binary File Support

  • how to generate SBB-specific binary CDR files

  • user tools to query and display binary CDR file content in text format


  • alarms generated by the resource adaptor

CDR Management Bean

  • the management bean which can be used to view state of stream configuration

Example Service

  • how to install and run the example service

Other documentation can be found on the CDR Resource Adaptor product page.

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