This document covers deploying, configuring, and managing the OpenCloud CDR Generation Resource Adaptor.

About the CDR Generation Resource Adaptor

The CDR resource adaptor provides an interface for SBBs to write Call Detail Records (CDRs) to a series of CDR files. The RA supports automatic rollover by number of CDRs written, CDR file size, or elapsed time. CDR files can be automatically post-processed by an external program when they are completed.


This document includes the following topics:

Topic What it covers

Getting Started

  • how to deploy the resource adaptor

  • resource adaptor output formats

  • resource adaptor deactivation process


  • how to configure the resource adaptor

Binary File Support

  • how to generate SBB-specific binary CDR files

  • user tools to query and display binary CDR file content in text format


  • alarms generated by the resource adaptor

Example Service

  • how to install and run the example service


Tip Download an evaluation version of the CDR Resource Adaptor package.
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