This page contains changelogs specific to the VM Build Container. For changes to the VM Build Process, please see Changelogs in the Custom VM Install Guide.



  • VMBC package updated with Rhino 3.2 release

  • See the VM Build Process changes in the 4-1-3-1-0-0 entry.

  • See the Major new functionality, Backwards-incompatible changes and Other new functionality in the 4-1-0-1-0-0 entry.

  • Added the option to remove the Rhino license from custom nodes. If this option is used a license must be provided in the yaml file bundle. (#63278) It is configured by using the preinstall-license option in the node parameters, which defaults to true (i.e. do not remove the license).

  • Added a new optional node parameter signaling-traffic-types to specify signaling traffic types. If this is not specified, the existing custom signaling traffic types are configured. (#60997)

  • See the VM Build Process changes in the 4.0.0-26-1.0.0 entry.

  • Added a --version argument to the vmbc script. (OPT-3275)

  • See the VM Build Process changes in the 4.0.0-17-1.0.0 entry.

  • Added support for running on WSL 2. (OPT-2857)

  • vCloud support on Cloudify as been removed. Support for vCloud using SIMPL will be added in a future release. (OPT-3695)

First release of VMBC


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