Rhino virtual machine (VM) automation is a solution that automates the deployment, configuration, and life cycle management processes of Rhino TAS and the applications it hosts.

Getting started

The Rhino VM automation solution allows you to deploy Rhino VM nodes to a virtualization platform, such as OpenStack or VMware vSphere. It centralizes the deployment, configuration, and life cycle management processes around a ServiceIQ Management Platform (SIMPL) server.

With Rhino VM automation, you can greatly reduce the deployment and configuration time. In addition, the solution allows you to easily manage the life cycle of the deployed VMs from the SIMPL server.

Rhino documentation

Rhino VM Automation Overview
Explains the concepts, architecture, and requirements of the solution.

VM Build Container User Guide
Provides instructions on using the VM Build Container (VMBC) to create virtual appliances for VM deployment.

Custom VM Install Guide
Provides instructions on deploying VMs from the virtual appliance created with VMBC, configuring the VMs, and managing their life cycles.

VM Build Container Changelog
Lists the new features, improvements, and bug fixes included in each VMBC release.

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