Below are basic instructions for deploying and testing the SOAP example services in your SLEE.


Start your SLEE:

$ ./


Go to the soap-examples folder:

$ cd soap-examples


Check the listen.port property in

Note The listen.port specifies the port that the SOAP RA will attempt to listen on when it is activated, and the port the test client will send to. The default port is 8000. Change it if necessary for your environment.


To deploy the examples, use the Ant deploy target:

$ ant deploy

This deploys the SOAP Resource Adapter and example SOAP services (Ping and Request).


To test the Ping service, use the simple SOAP client included with the examples. To compile and run it, use the run-test-client target:

$ ant run-test-client

The SOAP client

  • reads a SOAP envelope from the file

  • sends the envelope to the URL represented by the SOAP RA

  • and prints the response received, sent by the Ping service


To test the Request service, use another SOAP client included with the examples. To activate and deactivate the service, use the run-request target and see the response on the Rhino log:

$ ant run-request

The SOAP client Request service

  • sends the same request,

  • creates a SOAP request on activation,

  • and logs the response sent back.

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