Class InstallInterceptorTask

  • public class InstallInterceptorTask
    extends FileBasedTask
    Installs a SIS interceptor component from a file. The SIS RA entity to deploy to is specified by the enclosing SISManagementTask element. For example:
     <sis-sip-management raentity="foo">
       <installinterceptor file="bar.xml"/>
    The contents of the file are passed to the InterceptorManagementMBean.install(String) management operation.

    Ant Parameters

    Attribute Description Required
    file The name of an XML file containing a SIS interceptor component definition. Yes.
    failonerror Default failure case behaviour for this task. If set to 'false' or 'no', the build will continue when this task attempts a redundant action. No, default is inherited from the enclosing SISManagementTask.
    • Constructor Detail

      • InstallInterceptorTask

        public InstallInterceptorTask()