Class SipSISManagementTask

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    public class SipSISManagementTask
    extends SISManagementTask
    SIS-SIP Management Ant Task. Executes a series of sub-tasks to perform management operations on a SIS-SIP RA entity.

    Subtasks specified as nested elements

    In addition to those specified in the superclass, the following sub task elements can be provided in any number and in any order.

    Element Description
    updatecomposition Updates an existing SIS composition.
    createserviceref Creates a SIS service reference.
    updateserviceref Update configurable properties of a SIS service reference.
    setsiporiginatingmacro Set the SIP originating macro.
    settriggeraddresstracingselectors Sets the SIP parameters used by the SIS to determine the trigger address tracing debug level for a dialog.