Interface SipInterceptorActivity

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    public interface SipInterceptorActivity
    extends InterceptorActivity
    The SIP Interceptor Activity is the activity type on which SIS SIP variants fire events to interceptor extension components.

    This activity also provides access to the JAIN SIP factory objects, so the interceptor extension component can create and modify addresses and headers, to be used in the output request passed to continueProcessing(javax.sip.message.Request).

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      • continueProcessing

        void continueProcessing​(Request op)
                         throws IllegalStateException
        Notify the SIS that evaluation of the current interceptor should be continued. The current service input or output message is replaced with the specified request.
        op - an optional updated message that the SIS should use to continue service invocation. If this argument is null, this method behaves in the same way as InterceptorActivity.continueProcessing().
        IllegalStateException - if the interceptor extension component has already returned a response to the SIS for the most recent event fired on this activity. This exception may also be thrown if the interceptor extension component has taken too long to respond to the request and a timeout has occurred in the SIS.