Interface INSCSExtensionsProvider

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    public interface INSCSExtensionsProvider
    extends SCSExtensionsProvider
    Resource adaptor interface for IN Service Composition Selection Extensions.

    An instance of this interface may be bound into an SBB's JNDI environment using a resource adaptor entity binding.

    Alternatively, the provider object returned by Dialog.getProvider() for any IN dialog may be cast to SCSActivityProvider if the dialog is a virtual dialog managed by the SIS on behalf of a composition. An instanceof check could be used to determine if such a cast is possible.

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      • getServiceCompositionSelectionActivity

        INSCSActivity getServiceCompositionSelectionActivity​(Dialog dialog)
                                                      throws UnrecognizedActivityException
        Get the IN Service Composition Selection Activity for the specified CGIN dialog activity. Multiple unique dialogs may share the same underlying Composition Activity if the dialogs are related by virtue of a SIS composition.
        dialog - the dialog activity.
        the IN Service Composition Selection Activity.
        UnrecognizedActivityException - if the dialog is unknown or not being managed by the SIS for a composition.