Class UpdateNetworkRouteTask

  • public class UpdateNetworkRouteTask
    extends SISSubTask
    Updates an existing network route in a SIS RA entity. The SIS RA entity to manage to is specified by the enclosing SISManagementTask element. For example:
     <sis-sip-management raentity="foo">
       <updatenetworkroute position="0" newPosition="3"/>
    This task invokes operations on the NetworkRouteMBean MBean representing the network route.

    Ant Parameters

    Attribute Description Required
    position The position in the current route list in which to update. Yes.
    rule The rule to match for this route to be selected. No.
    interface The name of the network interface to be used if this route is selected. No.
    newPosition The new position to move the route to. No.
    failonerror Default failure case behaviour for this task. If set to 'false' or 'no', the build will continue when this task attempts a redundant action. No. Default is inherited from the enclosing SISManagementTask.
    • Constructor Detail

      • UpdateNetworkRouteTask

        public UpdateNetworkRouteTask()
    • Method Detail

      • setPosition

        public void setPosition​(int pos)
      • setRule

        public void setRule​(String rule)
      • setInterface

        public void setInterface​(String interfaceName)
      • setNewPosition

        public void setNewPosition​(int pos)
      • setInterfaceType

        public void setInterfaceType​(String interfaceType)