Class UpdateExternalPlatformTask

  • public class UpdateExternalPlatformTask
    extends SISSubTask
    Update an external platform definition for a SIS RA entity. The SIS RA entity to manage to is specified by the enclosing SISManagementTask element. For example:
     <sis-sip-management raentity="foo">
       <updateexternalplatform extPlatformName="vpn" detectinterval="10000"/>
    This task invokes the ExternalPlatformManagementMBean.setPlatformConfig( management operation.

    Ant Parameters

    Attribute Description Required
    extPlatformName The name for the new external platform definition. Yes.
    selectionMode Must be one of the possible ExternalAddressSelectionMode values (case-insensitive): INTERCEPTOR_SERVICE, ROUND_ROBIN, LOAD_SHARE, or ACTIVE_STANDBY. No.
    detectInterval The interval (ms) between checking addresses for failures. Must be 0 or greater. Setting this to 0 will disable failure detection. No.
    detectThreshold A floating-point value between 0.0 and 1.0, which specifies the maximum proportion of failed calls that can occur during a detect interval. If the proportion of failed calls during a detect interval exceeds this value, the SIS will mark the address as FAILED. No.
    retryInterval The interval (ms) between attempts to retry a failed address, to see if it has recovered. Must be 0 or greater. Setting this to 0 will disable automatic recovery of addresses. No.
    retryAttempts The number of consecutive retry attempts that must succeed before the SIS will begin using a failed address again. Must be an integer value greater than zero. No.
    failonerror Default failure case behaviour for this task. If set to 'false' or 'no', the build will continue when this task attempts a redundant action. No. Default is inherited from the enclosing SISManagementTask.
    • Constructor Detail

      • UpdateExternalPlatformTask

        public UpdateExternalPlatformTask()
    • Method Detail

      • setExtPlatformName

        public void setExtPlatformName​(String extPlatformName)
      • setSelectionMode

        public void setSelectionMode​(String mode)
      • setDetectInterval

        public void setDetectInterval​(long interval)
      • setDetectThreshold

        public void setDetectThreshold​(float threshold)
      • setRetryInterval

        public void setRetryInterval​(long interval)
      • setRetryAttempts

        public void setRetryAttempts​(int attempts)