Class SetTriggerAddressTracingSelectorsTask

  • public class SetTriggerAddressTracingSelectorsTask
    extends SISSubTask
    Set the fine-grained tracing trigger address tracing selectors for a SIS RA entity. The SIS RA entity to manage to is specified by the enclosing sis-in-management element. Selectors are specified in nested selector elements. For example:
     <sis-in-management raentity="foo">
       <settriggeraddresstracingselectors triggertype="originating">
         <selector name="CallingPartyNumber"/>
         <selector name="LocationNumber"/>
    This task invokes the INTriggerAddressTracingManagementMBean.setSelectors(,[]) management operation.

    Ant Parameters

    Attribute Description Required
    triggertype The type of trigger to set the selectors for. Must be "originating", "terminating", or "third_party". Yes.
    failonerror Default failure case behaviour for this task. If set to 'false' or 'no', the build will continue when this task attempts a redundant action. No. Default is inherited from the enclosing INSISManagementTask.

    Parameters specified as nested elements

    Element Description
    selector Identifies a trigger addressing tracing selector. Zero or more nested selector elements may be present as required. Valid selector values are "CallingPartyNumber", "CalledPartyNumber", "CalledPartyBCDNumber", "RedirectingPartyID", "LocationNumber", "OriginalCalledPartyID", "AdditionalCallingPartyNumber".
    • Constructor Detail

      • SetTriggerAddressTracingSelectorsTask

        public SetTriggerAddressTracingSelectorsTask()
    • Method Detail

      • setTriggerType

        public void setTriggerType​(String triggerType)
      • addConfiguredSelector

        public void addConfiguredSelector​(SelectorElement selector)