Class UserVariables

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      • UserVariables

        public UserVariables()
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      • put

        public Object put​(String name,
                          Object value)
        Associates the specified value with the user variable with the specified name in this map. If the map previously contained a mapping for the name, the old value is replaced.
        Specified by:
        put in interface Map<String,​Object>
        put in class HashMap<String,​Object>
        name - user variable name with which the specified value is to be associated. This name cannot be null and must begin with the string "user." (case insensitive).
        value - value to be associated with the specified user variable name. Cannot be null.
        the previous value associated with name, or null if there was no previous mapping for name.
        NullPointerException - if either argument is null.
        IllegalArgumentException - if name does not begin with the string "user." (ignoring case).