Interface InterceptorExtensionsProvider

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    public interface InterceptorExtensionsProvider
    Resource adaptor interface for SIS Interceptor Extensions.

    An instance of this interface may be bound into an SBB's JNDI environment using a resource adaptor entity binding.

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      • createInterceptorInvocationActivity

        InterceptorInvocationActivity createInterceptorInvocationActivity()
        Create a new Interceptor Invocation Activity. Generally speaking, an SBB shouldn't need to create an Interceptor Invocation Activity directly and instead can just use the activity created on demand when an interceptor invocation will complete asynchronously, however this method is provided in case an SBB wishes to create the activity in advance.
        a new Interceptor Invocation Activity.
        SIS 2.5.0
      • invokeInterceptor

        InterceptorInvocationResult invokeInterceptor​(String interceptorRef,
                                                      Object input,
                                                      InterceptorInvocationActivity activity,
                                                      UserVariables userVariables)
                                               throws NullPointerException,
        Invoke a SIS interceptor.

        An interceptor may complete synchronously or asynchronously. An interceptor that only performs simple operations such as conditional evaluation and variable assignments will typically complete synchronously and return the result immediately to the calling thread. An interceptor that invokes an extension component will always complete asynchronously, and the result when the interceptor has completed will be fired as an InterceptorInvocationCompletedEvent on the specified InterceptorInvocationActivity.

        interceptorRef - the name of an interceptor reference indicating the interceptor to invoke.
        input - the input object that the interceptor can operate on. May be null.
        activity - the interceptor invocation activity on which the callback event will be fired if the interceptor completes asynchronously. May be null, in which case the SIS will automatically create a new activity if an invoked interceptor is going to complete asynchronously. A reference to the newly created activity will be returned in the result.
        userVariables - a collection of user variables that will be populated into the context of the interceptor invocation. May be null. Note that any user variables contained in this collection will replace any existing user variables with the same name if they already exist in the context of the specified activity.
        the result of the invocation.
        NullPointerException - if interceptorRef is null.
        UnrecognizedActivityException - if the interceptor invocation activity is unknown to the SIS.
        SIS 2.5.0