Interface StatelessSipResponse

  • All Superinterfaces:
    SipMessage, SipResponse

    public interface StatelessSipResponse
    extends SipResponse
    An outgoing provisional SIP response that will be sent statelessly, without affecting dialog state. Used for sending informational responses such as "181 Call Is Being Forwarded". Created using IncomingSipRequest.createStatelessResponse(int, String).

    The response's to-tag will be generated in a way that will not match the session's actual local tag. The upstream UAC will see this response as belonging to a different dialog (forked response), so the route set and remote target in this response will not affect the actual dialog created by other responses on this session.

    • Method Detail

      • send

        void send()
        Send this response statelessly, without updating dialog state. Since the response is not sent reliably, there is no guarantee that the UAC will receive it, so application behaviour should not depend on it being received. Correspondingly, no IOException is thrown if sending fails.