Rhino SIP Servlet adds SIP Servlet 1.1 (JSR289) support to the OpenCloud Rhino JAIN SLEE platform, allowing users deploy SIP Servlet applications alongside SLEE applications in the same Rhino instance.

SIP Servlet provides a SLEE Resource Adaptor (RA) and supporting libraries which together provide a SIP Servlet 1.1 container environment inside the Rhino’s JAIN SLEE container. SIP Servlet applications can then be deployed into Rhino, without being aware they are running on a SLEE.

download Download the Rhino SIP Servlet

Product Documentation

New features, improvements and bug fixes included in each software release.

Overview and Concepts Guide
An introduction to the features and concepts that are particular to the Rhino SIP Servlet platform.

Installation and Configuration Guide
Installing, configuring, and managing Rhino SIP Servlet.

Rhino SIP Servlet API
Javadoc for the Rhino SIP Servlet API

Statement of Compliance
Rhino SIP Servlet compliance against supported protocols.

Documentation for other versions of Rhino SIP Servlet is also available.