Interface DialogBuilder.Unconfigured

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static interface DialogBuilder.Unconfigured
    Represents an unconfigured builder, which requires more information about the dialog before it can be created. The client must call one of the methods on this interface to select a DialogBuilder, then configure the builder and create the dialog using DialogBuilder.newDialog().
     DialogActivity d = sleeSipProvider.newDialogBuilder()
                                       .outgoing(from, to)
    • Method Detail

      • outgoing

        DialogBuilder outgoing​(javax.sip.address.Address from,
                               javax.sip.address.Address to)
        Creates a new DialogBuilder that will create an outgoing dialog using the given local and remote addresses.
        a new DialogBuilder
      • initialTransaction

        DialogBuilder initialTransaction​(javax.sip.Transaction t)
        Creates a new DialogBuilder that will create a dialog based on the initial transaction's request
        t - an initial dialog-creating ClientTransaction or ServerTransaction
        a new DialogBuilder
      • forwarded

        DialogBuilder forwarded​( incoming)
        Creates a new DialogBuilder that will create a dialog based on the parameters of an incoming dialog. By default the new dialog will have the same local and remote party addresses as the incoming dialog, but will use a new Call-ID.
        incoming - the incoming dialog
        a new DialogBuilder