Interface SessionRefreshFailedEvent

  • public interface SessionRefreshFailedEvent
    This interface is used to mark ResponseEvents or TimeoutEvents that correspond to failed session refresh requests. This will only be present if the application requested a session timer when creating the dialog (see DialogBuilder.withSessionTimer(SessionTimerOptions)).

    Applications can check if a response or timeout event indicates a failed session refresh by using event instanceof SessionRefreshFailedEvent. If the shouldTerminate() method returns true, the application should terminate the dialog by sending a BYE.

    Note that this information is only a "hint" for applications that want it. If an application knows that it sent a session refresh request, it can process the response normally and take appropriate action based on the outcome of the session refresh.

    • Method Detail

      • shouldTerminate

        boolean shouldTerminate()
        Determines whether the application should terminate the dialog because of the type of failure. The SIP RA will not terminate dialogs automatically if session refreshes fail, it is up to the app to do that, but this method provides a hint. Currently response codes 481, 408 or timeout events will cause this flag to be true (as per RFC4028 §10).
        true if the application should terminate the dialog because of the failed session refresh.