Interface SessionExpiresHeader

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    Cloneable, javax.sip.header.Header, javax.sip.header.Parameters, Serializable

    public interface SessionExpiresHeader
    extends javax.sip.header.Header, javax.sip.header.Parameters
    Session-Expires header from the Session Timers Draft RFC.
    The Session-Expires header field conveys the session interval for a SIP session. It is placed only in INVITE or UPDATE requests, as well as in any 2xx response to an INVITE or UPDATE. Like the SIP Expires header field, it contains a delta-time.

    The syntax of the Session-Expires header field is:

      Session-Expires  = ('Session-Expires' / 'x') HCOLON delta-seconds
                           *(SEMI se-params)
      se-params        = refresher-param / generic-param
      refresher-param  = 'refresher' EQUAL  ('uas' / 'uac')
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      int getInterval()
      Gets the session refresh interval requested by this Session-Expires header.
      SessionRefresher getRefresher()
      Get the refresher parameter, which determines the party responsible for sending session refresh requests (none, uac or uas).
      void setInterval​(int interval)
      Set the session refresh interval time.
      void setRefresher​(SessionRefresher refresher)
      Set the refresher for this session.
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