Interface MinSEHeader

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    Cloneable, javax.sip.header.Header, javax.sip.header.Parameters, Serializable

    public interface MinSEHeader
    extends javax.sip.header.Header, javax.sip.header.Parameters
    Min-SE header from Session Timers Draft RFC.
    The Min-SE header field indicates the minimum value for the session interval, in units of delta-seconds. When used in an INVITE or UPDATE request, it indicates the smallest value of the session interval that can be used for that session. When present in a request or response, its value MUST NOT be less than 90 seconds.

    The syntax of the Min-SE header field is:

       Min-SE  =  'Min-SE' HCOLON delta-seconds *(SEMI generic-param)
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      static String NAME  
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      int getInterval()
      Gets the minimum session refresh interval for the session.
      void setInterval​(int interval)
      Set the minimum session refresh interval time.
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    • Method Detail

      • getInterval

        int getInterval()
        Gets the minimum session refresh interval for the session.
        the session refresh interval, in seconds.
      • setInterval

        void setInterval​(int interval)
                  throws IllegalArgumentException
        Set the minimum session refresh interval time.
        interval - the requested session refresh interval.
        IllegalArgumentException - if interval is less than 90 seconds, the minimum refresh interval permitted by the spec.