Interface FlowIDHeader

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    Cloneable, javax.sip.header.Header, Serializable

    public interface FlowIDHeader
    extends javax.sip.header.Header
    Proprietary OC header, used with persistent connections (draft-ietf-sip-outbound-03).

    This header is automatically inserted in incoming requests by the stack, if they are from an inbound persistent connection ("flow"). The header contains a flow token which the stack can use to uniquely identify the flow.

    Registrar applications should store the flow token with registrations, if the registration is received on an inbound flow. Proxies can retrieve this information when routing a request, so that the correct flow will be selected for outgoing requests. Proxies should also include the flow token in Record-Route headers so that the correct flows can be used for mid-dialog requests.

    To send a request on a particular flow, the application must set the X-Flow-ID header in the request. The stack will use this information to locate the flow, and send the request on that flow. A IOException will be thrown if the flow does not exist.

    The header is only used internally by the stack, it will be stripped out of any request before it hits the network.


       FlowIDHeader ::= "X-Flow-ID" HCOLON token
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