Interface ClientTransaction

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    javax.sip.ClientTransaction, Serializable, Transaction, javax.sip.Transaction

    public interface ClientTransaction
    extends javax.sip.ClientTransaction, Transaction
    Experimental extension to the ClientTransaction interface.

    This version supports the per-transaction retransmission filter flag for INVITE transactions.

    • Method Detail

      • getPersistentOutboundConnection

        PersistentOutboundConnection getPersistentOutboundConnection()
        Get the object representing the underlying persistent outbound connection, if any.
        the connection, or null if this transaction does not use a persistent outbound connection. This method may only be called after a response has been received on the transaction.
      • associateServerTransaction

        void associateServerTransaction​(javax.sip.ServerTransaction st)
        Equivalent to DialogActivity.associateServerTransaction(javax.sip.ClientTransaction, javax.sip.ServerTransaction), but this method can also be used when a dialog does not exist.

        Applications such as proxies and B2BUAs need to record an association between client and server transactions, so that the response from a client transaction can be forwarded upstream on the correct server transaction.

        When the client transaction receives a response, it can easily retrieve the server transaction using getAssociatedServerTransaction().

        Applications could use Transaction.setApplicationData(Object) for the same purpose, but this method has been added to be consistent with the existing usage in the JSIP 1.2 RA Type.

        st - the ServerTransaction to be associated with this client transaction.
        OCSIP RA Type 2.1
      • getAssociatedServerTransaction

        javax.sip.ServerTransaction getAssociatedServerTransaction()
        Retrieve the ServerTransaction that is associated with this client transaction. Equivalent to DialogActivity.getAssociatedServerTransaction(javax.sip.ClientTransaction), but this method can also be used when a dialog does not exist.
        the ServerTransaction associated with this client transaction, that was set by an earlier call to associateServerTransaction() or DialogActivity.associateServerTransaction(), or null if it has not been set.
        OCSIP RA Type 2.1