Interface DialogForkedEvent

  • public interface DialogForkedEvent
    This event is fired when multiple dialog-creating responses are received during UAC dialog setup.

    The first dialog-creating response to arrive creates the initial dialog. If a subsequent response arrives, with a different to-tag, due to a downstream proxy forking, then this event is fired to notify the app that a new dialog has been established.

    This event is fired on the first dialog activity, so that SBBs attached to the first dialog activity will automatically receive these events if new dialogs are created.

    When a final response arrives on one of the early dialogs, all other early dialogs will be terminated by the RA Entity, as required by RFC3261.

    In a transparent B2BUA scenario, the B2BUA should forward the response upstream using SleeSipProvider.forwardForkedResponse(). In a UAC scenario, the response can be handled locally.

    • Method Detail

      • getNewDialog

        DialogActivity getNewDialog()
                             throws javax.sip.SipException
        Get the newly-created dialog activity object. Applications should handle the dialog appropriately for forking cases, eg. retain it or terminate it.
        the DialogActivity created as a result of receiving a forked response.
        javax.sip.SipException - if unable to obtain the dialog activity, for example it may have already ended if a final response arrived on another dialog.
      • getResponseEvent

        javax.sip.ResponseEvent getResponseEvent()
        The response event containing the response that caused the forked dialog to be created.
        a ResponseEvent object.