November 2006

Package javax.sip.message

This package contains the interfaces representing SIP messages.


Interface Summary
Message A SIP message is either a request from a client to a server, or a response from a server to a client.
MessageFactory This interface provides factory methods that allow an application to create Request and Response messages from a particular implementation of JAIN SIP.
Request A SIP Request is a request from a client to a server.
Response A Response message is sent by a recipient of Request once it has received and interpreted the Request.

Package javax.sip.message Description

This package contains the interfaces representing SIP messages. There are two type of messages, namely Request and Response:

Messages may contain multiple Headers and multiple Headers of the same type. The order of all Headers within a message is significant, i.e. Headers which are hop-by-hop must appear before any Headers which are end-to-end. A message Body contains a session description . This format is represented as an Object in this specification, which allows the body to be a String or an Object type defined the Session Description Protocol (SDP) specification.

Additionally this package contains a MessageFactory class that defines methods for creating new requests and responses. The MessageFactory is a singleton object, which can be obtained from the SipFactory.

November 2006

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