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Interface AcceptEncodingHeader

All Superinterfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, Encoding, Header, Parameters, java.io.Serializable

public interface AcceptEncodingHeader
extends Parameters, Encoding, Header

This interface represents the Accept-Encoding request-header. A client includes an AcceptEncodingHeader in a Request to tell the server what coding schemes are acceptable in the Response e.g. compress, gzip.

If an AcceptEncodingHeader is present, and if the server cannot send a Response which is acceptable according to the AcceptEncodingHeader, then the server should return a Response with a status code of NOT_ACCEPTABLE.

An empty Accept-Encoding header field is permissible, it is equivalent to Accept-Encoding: identity, meaning no encoding is permissible.

If no Accept-Encoding header field is present, the server SHOULD assume a default value of identity.

For Example:
Accept-Encoding: gzip

BEA Systems, NIST

Field Summary
static java.lang.String NAME
          Name of AcceptEncodingHeader
Method Summary
 float getQValue()
          Gets q-value of the encoding in this encoding value.
 void setQValue(float qValue)
          Sets q-value for the encoding in this encoding value.
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Field Detail


static final java.lang.String NAME
Name of AcceptEncodingHeader

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Constant Field Values
Method Detail


float getQValue()
Gets q-value of the encoding in this encoding value. A value of -1 indicates theq-value is not set.

q-value of encoding value, -1 if q-value is not set.


void setQValue(float qValue)
               throws InvalidArgumentException
Sets q-value for the encoding in this encoding value. Q-values allow the user to indicate the relative degree of preference for that encoding, using the qvalue scale from 0 to 1. If no q-value is present, the encoding should be treated as having a q-value of 1.

qValue - - the new float value of the q-value, a value of -1 resets the qValue.
InvalidArgumentException - if the q parameter value is not -1 or between 0 and 1.

November 2006

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