Sentinel VoLTE provides Multimedia Telephony (MMTel) and Service Centralisation and Continuity (SCC) capabilities in an IMS network.

This application, and other related applications are available as part of the Rhino VoLTE TAS. Please refer to the documentation Rhino VoLTE TAS VMs.

Getting Started

To get started with the Rhino VoLTE TAS, please refer to the Rhino VoLTE TAS VMs installation. Further configuration and management for these appliances is available in Rhino VoLTE TAS Configuration and Management Guide

The Sentinel VoLTE Architecture guide contains a Product Overview that provides an introduction to the features and concepts of Sentinel VoLTE, as well as an overview of the Sentinel VoLTE architecture.

To get started using the Sentinel VoLTE services on top of a Rhino SDK, as software rather than an appliance see setting up a standalone version Sentinel VoLTE on a Rhino SDK.

To develop customisations refer to the Sentinel VoLTE SDK.

Sentinel VoLTE Documentation

Sentinel VoLTE Changelog
New features, improvements and bug fixes included in each software release.

Sentinel VoLTE Architecture Guide
An overview of the Sentinel VoLTE architecture and associated components.

Sentinel VoLTE Administration Guide
How to install, configure and provision Sentinel VoLTE.

Sentinel Registrar
Sentinel Registrar provides Third Party Registration capabilities within the Sentinel VoLTE product.

Sentinel VoLTE Benchmarks
Performance benchmarks using Sentinel VoLTE for a variety of scenarios.

Sentinel VoLTE Statement of Compliance
Details of Sentinel VoLTE’s compliance with standards and specifications.

Sentinel VoLTE acknowledgements
Acknowledgements of third party content used in this product.

Sentinel VoLTE SDK
Sentinel VoLTE SDK enables the Sentinel VoLTE product to be extended and customised.

Sentinel VoLTE API Links
A set of API documentation links for use when extending and customising the product.

Sentinel VoLTE REST Provisioning API Guide
Documentation on the Sentinel REM extension which provides a RESTful HTTP provisioning API.

Documentation for other versions of Sentinel VoLTE is also available.