OpenCloud are pleased to make an evaluation version of the Sentinel VoLTE product available on our developer portal - this is now available as a single image download which also includes an IMS core and a HSS, in addition to Sentinel VoLTE.

Sentinel VoLTE fulfils the role of an IR.92/IR.94 compliant VoLTE TAS and a SIP AS in an IMS network. In addition to MMTel services, it also acts as an SCC-AS providing service continuity and IMS centralised services.

OpenCloud continues to be committed to supporting independent and open development within the telecom community. Therefore the Sentinel VoLTE download image also comes with Sentinel Create - a full-fledged VoLTE SDK that you can use to develop your own services that run alongside standard MMTel services, on the same TAS. We also provide the source code for standard MMTel features to make it easier for you to get started.

In addition to the product documentation that is available from the Developer Portal, we have also recorded a set of 'Quick Start' videos that you can view on the OpenCloud channel on YouTube. We also have a dedicated Sentinel VoLTE discussion forum available from the Developer Portal that can be used to interact with other developers, and can be used to ask questions and provide valuable feedback.


The Volte demo image comes shipped as an .ova file for use in Virtualbox. We recommend Virtualbox version 4.2.12 or greater. Refer to the Architecture and Deployment page for detailed information.

Memory allocation

The VM will require a minimum of 8Gb to run the demonstration, this means your host sytem will need to have 12Gb of memory or greater.

Functionality of the VoLTE TAS

The demonstration image is build with the VoLTE SDK and provides a full MMTel and SCC TAS environment. For detailed information of functionality refer the the VOLTE documentation and change logs available from the Developer Portal.

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