Interface SentinelConfiguration

  • public interface SentinelConfiguration
    Properties related to the sentinel installation and common to all Sentinel services.
    • Method Detail

      • getPlatformOperator

        java.lang.String getPlatformOperator()
        Get the name of the company who operates this sentinel installation.
        The name of the platform operator
      • getDefaultNetworkOperator

        java.lang.String getDefaultNetworkOperator()
        Get the default name that should be used as the network operator for this sentinel installation.
        The name of the default network operator for this platform
      • getHttpParameterForHttpDetermineNetworkOperator

        java.lang.String getHttpParameterForHttpDetermineNetworkOperator()
        The name of the field of the http request to map to the network operator
      • getDefaultOcsEntityId

        java.lang.String getDefaultOcsEntityId()
        Get the default OcsEntityId to use to populate the OcsEntityId field in session state.
        The default OcsEntityId
      • getMaxCallDuration

        long getMaxCallDuration()
        Get the maximum permitted call/session duration, or 0 if no limit.
        the maximum permitted call/session duration
      • getFeatureTimeOut

        int getFeatureTimeOut()
        Get the feature timeout in milliseconds
        the timeout in milliseconds
      • getPeriodicWorkInterval

        int getPeriodicWorkInterval()
        Get the interval (in seconds) to trigger periodic work.
        the periodic work interval in seconds.