Interface SessionCounters

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    public interface SessionCounters
    extends com.opencloud.rhino.cmp.Encodable
    SessionCounters provides access to the various SessionCounters which are current active for this set of charging sessions in a Sentinel session.
    • Method Detail

      • getAddresses

        java.util.Collection<SessionCounterAddress> getAddresses()
        a collection of all SessionCountAddresses used in this SessionCounters instance.
      • add

        SessionCounter add​(SessionCounterAddress address)
        Add a new SessionCounter to the SessionCounters instance or if a SessionCounter already exists for this address return the current SessionCounter.
        the new SessionCounter which has been added to the list of SessionCounters
      • getSessionCounters

        java.util.Collection<SessionCounter> getSessionCounters()
        an unmodifiable collection of SessionCounter
      • getSessionCountersByAddressSubset

        java.util.Collection<SessionCounter> getSessionCountersByAddressSubset​(SessionCounterAddress addressSubset)
        the SessionCounters which match all of the key values of the addressSubset argument
      • getAggregateSessionCounter

        SessionCounter getAggregateSessionCounter​(SessionCounterAddress addressSubset)
        Aggregate all the values in a set of SessionCounters which have addresses which share all the key/values in the address provided as an argument. For example, an addressSubset argument of SessionCounterAddress[Service-Id=1] will aggregate SessionCounters with addresses SessionCounterAddress[Service-Id=1,Rating-Group=1,Unit-Type=TIME] and SessionCounterAddress[Service-Id=1,Rating-Group=2,Unit-Type=TIME] If the addressSubset argument is the empty case SessionCounterAddress[] will return an aggregate with the sum of all SessionCounter instances
        an aggregate SessionCounter of all SessionCounters which match all of the key values provided addressSubset argument