The Sentinel IP Short Message Gateway (IP-SM-GW) implements transport layer interworking for SMS over IP.

IP-SM-GW is based on 3GPP TS 24.341, and implements suitable SMS interworking as part of GSMA IR.92 version 9.0.

Sentinel IP-SM-GW Documentation

Architecture guide
Product architecture, major functional components, key flows and an outline of the scope of the product.

Administration guide
How to install and get started with Sentinel IP-SM-GW, plus feature and mapper documentation.

Sentinel IP-SM-GW SDK
What Sentinel IP-SM-GW SDK does, and how to use it.

Sentinel IP-SM-GW Upgrade Guide
How to upgrade Sentinel IP-SM-GW to a later version.

JavaDoc for the Sentinel IP-SM-GW API.

Provisioning REST API
The specification of the Sentinel IP-SM-GW RESTful HTTP provisioning API.

Performance Benchmarks
Performance benchmarks using Sentinel IP-SM-GW for a variety of scenarios.

What’s new in this release.

Sentinel IP-SM-GW statement of compliance

Documentation for other versions of the Sentinel IP-SM-GW is also available.