Sentinel Authentication Gateway complies with the following 3GPP and IETF specifications. Unless otherwise noted, the 3GPP specification versions are Rel-10 or later.

Specification Notes

Supports 33.220 §4, "Generic Bootstrapping Architecture."

33.220 §5, "UICC-based enhancements to Generic Bootstrapping Architecture (GBA_U)," is not currently supported.

Supports "Shared key-based UE authentication with certificate-based NAF authentication," 33.222 §5.3.

Supports 24.109 §4, "Generic Bootstrapping Architecture; Ub interface," and §5, "Network application function; Ua interface."

The BSF Server supports the Diameter Zh application described in 29.109 §4.2.

The BSF Server and NAF Authentication Filter currently do not support the Zn interface (Diameter or web services based).

The BSF Server supports Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA) over HTTP using the authentication scheme "Digest-AKAv1-MD5."

The NAF Authentication Filter supports HTTP Digest using the MD5 digest algorithm as per 24.109 §5.2.

The NAF Authentication Filter does not currently support session-mode versions of HTTP Digest.