This document lists the software products and platforms that are compatible with the Sentinel Authentication Gateway version 2.8.0.

OpenCloud Products

Sentinel Authentication Gateway is built on top of other OpenCloud products. Sentinel Authentication Gateway depends on the following:

Product Release

Rhino or later





Cassandra-CQL RA


FSM Tool


Sentinel VoLTE

Sentinel VoLTE dependency

Some Sentinel Authentication Gateway components depend on OpenCloud’s Sentinel VoLTE product.

BSF Server

The BSF Server uses some libraries from Sentinel VoLTE For the standalone install options it is not necessary to install Sentinel VoLTE first. The required components will be downloaded and installed by the SDK deployer. If Sentinel VoLTE is already installed on Rhino, the BSF Server is installed over the top.

NAF Authentication Filter

The NAF Authentication Filter must be installed with the Sentinel VoLTE XCAP web application from Sentinel VoLTE or later. Earlier versions of Sentinel VoLTE XCAP cannot support the filter.

Apache Tomcat

  • Apache Tomcat 7.0.39 or greater

Cassandra Database

  • Cassandra 2.0.17 or later version from the 2.0.x series

Java Virtual Machine

Compatible with

  • Oracle Java 1.8 64-bit Update 60 and higher.

  • Oracle Java 1.7 64-bit up to and including Update 55.

Warning A regression introduced in Java 7 Update 60 affects SCTP on Linux. This has been fixed in Java 8 Update 60. As a result, OpenCloud products are not certified for Java releases between these versions.

For Oracle Java documentation and downloads, see the Oracle Java website.