Class SipAddressStringNormalizer

  • public final class SipAddressStringNormalizer
    extends java.lang.Object
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      static java.lang.String normaliseAddress​(SipAddressString toNormalize, com.opencloud.sentinel.feature.normalizer.Normalizer addressNormalizer)
      Normalise the address
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    • Constructor Detail

      • SipAddressStringNormalizer

        public SipAddressStringNormalizer()
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      • normaliseAddress

        public static java.lang.String normaliseAddress​(SipAddressString toNormalize,
                                                        com.opencloud.sentinel.feature.normalizer.Normalizer addressNormalizer)
                                                 throws com.opencloud.sentinel.feature.normalizer.Normalizer.NumberNormalizationException
        Normalise the address
        toNormalize - the address to normalize
        addressNormalizer - the address normaliser to use
        a normalised address string, or null if no change is needed
        com.opencloud.sentinel.feature.normalizer.Normalizer.NumberNormalizationException - if there is a failure normalizing the address