Interface SentinelSipMultiLegFeatureEndpoint

    • Method Detail

      • attach

        void attach​(javax.slee.ActivityContextInterface aci)
        Attached an aci to the service SBB.
        aci - aci to attach
      • detach

        void detach​(javax.slee.ActivityContextInterface aci)
        Detach an aci from the service SBB. This is a noop if the aci is not attached.
        aci - aci to detach
      • featureWaiting

        void featureWaiting​(javax.slee.ActivityContextInterface... acisForResponseEvent)
        directive: notify the core that the feature is waiting for a response event before proceeding. The Sentinel core will suspend all event handling except this feature's extension event delivery, until the feature calls featureProceeding or featureHasFinished. WARNING: It is strongly recommended that featureWaiting is not used while credit control operations are in progress as they both manipulate event handling and activity state and may interfere with each other.
        acisForResponseEvent - One or more ActivityContextInterfaces for the activities that the feature will receive response events on. Parameter is a vararg so multiple ActivityContextInterfaces can be passed in either as an array, or as additional parameters.
      • asSentinelActivityContextInterface

        com.opencloud.sentinel.sbb.SentinelActivityContextInterface asSentinelActivityContextInterface​(javax.slee.ActivityContextInterface activityContextInterface)
        activityContextInterface - ActivityContextInterface to return the SentinelActivityContextInterface for.
        The SentinelActivityContextInterface for the generic ActivityContextInterface