Interface SentinelLocal

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    public interface SentinelLocal
    extends javax.slee.SbbLocalObject
    SBB Local interface that the Sentinel core provides to SBB features
    • Method Detail

      • getCurrentFeatureEndpoint

        FeatureEndpoint getCurrentFeatureEndpoint()
        Get the callers endpoint
        feature endpoint
      • getSentinelSessionState

        SentinelSessionState getSentinelSessionState()
        Get the session state
        session state
      • getFeatureSbbSessionTraceConfig

        com.opencloud.sentinel.feature.spi.FeatureSbbSessionTraceConfig getFeatureSbbSessionTraceConfig()
        Get the Sentinels session trace configuration interface for feature SBBs
        session trace configuration interface for feature SBBs
      • getMapperLibrary

        MapperLibrary<?> getMapperLibrary()
        Get the Sentinel mapper library.
        the mapper library.
      • getMapperFacilities

        MapperFacilities getMapperFacilities()
        Get the Sentinel mapper facilities.
        the mapper facilities.
      • runInSbbLocalContext

        void runInSbbLocalContext​(java.lang.Runnable c)
        Performs .run() on a Runnable in the sbb local context. This is used by feature endpoint impls to ensure that their logic occurs in the context of the service sbb.
      • getConvergenceName

        java.lang.String getConvergenceName()
        Return the convergence name for the service sbb.