Interface BaseFeatureCreator

  • public interface BaseFeatureCreator
    Base class for types of FeatureCreator. We have two in the sentinel family, one for the core services and one for the registrar.
    • Method Detail

      • getFeatureName

        java.lang.String getFeatureName()
        the name of the feature the creator is for. This name is used as the key to identify the creator object in lookup tables
      • getFeatureClassname

        java.lang.String getFeatureClassname()
        the class name of the feature the creator is for
      • getExecutionPhases

        java.lang.String[] getExecutionPhases()
        the names of the execution phases the associated feature may be used in
      • getFeatureGroup

        java.lang.String getFeatureGroup()
        the category of the feature (for example core, vs sip, vs ss7)
      • getFeatureParameters

        java.util.Set<com.opencloud.sentinel.common.FeatureParameterMetadata> getFeatureParameters()
        set the definitions of any parameters supported by the feature
      • getFeatureProvisioning

        com.opencloud.sentinel.common.FeatureProvisioningMetadata getFeatureProvisioning()
        the provisioning supported by the feature
      • initialiseFeatureStats

        void initialiseFeatureStats​(com.opencloud.sentinel.stats.SentinelFeatureStatsAccess statsAccess)
        Initialises the feature usage statistics using the provided SentinelFeatureStatsAccess.
      • implementsPeriodicWorkHandler

        boolean implementsPeriodicWorkHandler()
        Returns true if this feature has a PeriodicWorkHandler.