Sentinel Express is both a services platform and a services framework.

As a services platform, Sentinel Express provides a real-time session control of TDM, IMS, and Diameter sessions. It is built on the Rhino TAS platform.

You can also view Sentinel Express as a flexible and powerful services framework. The Sentinel Software Development Kit (SDK) will let you build your own custom Sentinel.

Sentinel Express Documentation

Sentinel Express Changelog
New features, improvements and bug fixes included in each software release.

Sentinel Express Overview and Concepts
An introduction to the features and concepts behind Sentinel Express.

Sentinel Express Administration Guide
How to install, configure and provision Sentinel Express.

Sentinel Express SDK
The Sentinel Express SDK enables Sentinel to be extended and customised.

Sentinel Registrar Overview and Concepts
An introduction to the third party Registrar function that is part of the enhanced SIP enhancements in Sentinel Express.

Documentation for other versions of Sentinel Express is also available.