The OpenCloud Scenario Simulator is a testing tool which simulates network traffic — for testing network elements and services.

The Simulator simplifies the implementation of test cases, by using a simple declarative model. You define test cases as scenario definitions, which describe the end-to-end message flows for the Scenario Simulator to simulate.

The Scenario Simulator package includes the Scenario Editor, used for creating scenario definitions in a GUI.

Scenario Packs add support for network protocols to the Scenario Simulator and Scenario Editor. The following Scenario Packs are available:

  • IN Scenario Pack

  • SIP Scenario Pack

  • Diameter Scenario Pack

  • HTTP Scenario Pack

All packs are packaged with the Scenario Simulator download. You can also download the Scenario Packs separately from the DevPortal Download Space.

download Download the Scenario Simulator

download Download the Scenario packs

Scenario Simulator Documentation

Scenario Simulator Changelog
New features, improvements and bug fixes included in each software release.

Scenario Simulator User Guide
How to use the Simulator to simulate network traffic

Scenario Editor User Guide
How to create and edit scenarios using a graphical user interface.

IN Scenario Pack documentation

IN Scenario Pack Changelog

SIP Scenario Pack documentation

SIP Scenario Pack Changelog

Diameter Scenario Pack documentation

Diameter Scenario Pack Changelog

HTTP Scenario Pack documentation

HTTP Scenario Pack Changelog

Documentation for other versions of Scenario Simulator is also available.