Class HostRemappingSslRMIClientSocketFactory

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, RMIClientSocketFactory

    public final class HostRemappingSslRMIClientSocketFactory
    extends SslRMIClientSocketFactory
    implements Serializable

    An SslRMIClientSocketFactory that overrides the host string provided in a socket creation request with the host string provided during object construction. This works around issues where the JMXR Adaptor may be bound to multiple network interfaces on the server but there’s only one java.rmi.server.hostname system property, so a client may end up trying to connect to the wrong IP address during RMI setup.

    The host string override this socket factory normally provides can be disabled, if necessary, in a client by setting the system property rhino.jmxr.client_socket_factory.disable_override=true.

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