Class LicenseInfo

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    public final class LicenseInfo
    extends Object
    implements Serializable

    A LicenseInfo object contains the license details for a single license. It is encapsulated by a SignedObject (signed by the license private key) and serialized to produce the actual license file.

    See Also:
    Serialized Form
    • Field Detail


        public static final Date UNLIMITED_DURATION
    • Method Detail

      • checkValidity

        public void checkValidity()
                           throws LicenseException

        Check the state of this LicenseInfo for basic consistency. Note that this does not check that the license is valid on the current date.

      • showBrief

        public void showBrief​(PrintStream writer)

        Write a brief summary of this license to a PrintStream

      • showDetailed

        public void showDetailed​(PrintStream writer)

        Write detailed information on this license to a PrintStream

      • describeCertificate

        public static String describeCertificate​(Certificate certificate)

        Returns a short description of the specified certificate.

      • isValid

        public boolean isValid()

        Returns true if this license is currently valid with respect to be 'from' and 'until' fields. This does NOT check whether the license function or capacity are correct.

        true if the license is currently valid
      • getFrom

        public Date getFrom()
      • getUntil

        public Date getUntil()
      • getLicenseComponents

        public LicenseComponent[] getLicenseComponents()

        Returns a non-empty array of LicenseComponents.

      • getHostLicensedState

        public com.opencloud.license.HostInfo.Licensed getHostLicensedState​(com.opencloud.license.HostInfo host)

        Check whether this license allows the given host to start Rhino

      • hasLicensedHostRestrictions

        public boolean hasLicensedHostRestrictions()

        Returns whether or not this license enforces host based restrictions

      • getLicensedHosts

        public com.opencloud.license.HostInfo[] getLicensedHosts()

        Returns the list of licensed hosts

      • getCertificateInfo

        public com.opencloud.license.CertificateInfo[] getCertificateInfo()

        Returns the certificate info contained in this license.

      • getAllowedFunctions

        public String[] getAllowedFunctions()

        Returns the list of functions allowed by this license. This function exists mainly for backwards compatibility with existing code.

      • getAllowedVersions

        public String[] getAllowedVersions()

        Returns the list of versions allowed by this license. This function exists mainly for backwards compatibility with existing code.

      • getSerial

        public String getSerial()
      • getSupercededLicenses

        public String[] getSupercededLicenses()
      • getIssuedTo

        public String getIssuedTo()
      • main

        public static void main​(String[] args)
                         throws Exception

        Command-line interface: verify and display licenses given by URLs on the command line.