Class ResourceAdaptorTypeBinding

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      • ResourceAdaptorTypeBinding

        protected ResourceAdaptorTypeBinding​(String jndiName,
                                             ResourceAdaptorTypeID raType,
                                             Object value)

        Create a new JNDI binding metadata object for a resource adaptor type.

        jndiName - the fully-qualified name where the value is bound in JNDI.
        raType - the component identifier of the resource adaptor type used for the binding. This argument may be null for bindings to SLEE-defined interfaces such as the NullActivityContextInterfaceFactory.
        value - the value bound to the JNDI name.
        Rhino 2.4.0
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      • getResourceAdaptorType

        public final ResourceAdaptorTypeID getResourceAdaptorType()

        Get the resource adaptor type of the binding.

        the resource adaptor type.
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class JndiBinding
        a hash code calculated using the JNDI name and the resource adaptor type component identifier.