Annotation Type PropagateUncheckedThrowables

  • @Retention(RUNTIME)
    public @interface PropagateUncheckedThrowables

    Annotation that can be used on SBB and profile local interface methods to indicate that any unchecked throwables (runtime exceptions and errors) thrown by the method should be propagated back to the caller as-is without marking the transaction for rollback.

    This annotation can also be used on SBB and profile local interfaces themselves, indicating that all methods defined by the interface, along with all methods inherited from extended interfaces, shall exhibit this behaviour.

    This option has no effect against container generated exceptions that cause rollback, such as trying to invoke a local interface method on an SBB that no longer exists. This option is also ignored for methods originally defined in the base local interfaces SbbLocalObject and ProfileLocalObject.

    Rhino 2.4.0