Interface ChildRelationFacility

  • public interface ChildRelationFacility

    The Child Relation Facility is used by SBBs to gain access to child SBB relations specified declaratively in the SBB deployment descriptor. Using this facility the SBB abstract class does not need to declare child relation methods for each child relation it wants to use.

    An instance of the Child Relation Facility can be obtained from the SbbContext.

    All methods of the Child Relation Facility itself, unless otherwise stated, require a transaction. If a facility method is invoked without a valid transaction context, a javax.slee.TransactionRequiredLocalException will be thrown. In addition, these methods may only be invoked by an SBB object that has been assigned to an SBB entity, or is in the process of being assigned to an SBB entity via the sbbCreate() method. If the SBB object is not assigned to an SBB entity (with the exclusion of the sbbCreate method), a java.lang.IllegalStateException is thrown.

    Rhino 2.4.0