Class WaitTilConvergedTask

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    public class WaitTilConvergedTask
    extends AbstractBaseTask

    A Rhino management sub task for waiting until convergence has finished. i.e. when the actual SLEE state, service state, and resource adaptor entity state have converged to the respective configured desired state. This task can be used after a declarative configuration import to wait until the actual state reflects the imported desired state. <p> .Ant Parameters

    Attribute Description Required


    Flag to control failure behaviour. If 'true', the sub task will throw a BuildException when an error is encountered. If 'false', the sub task will throw a NonFatalBuildException instead of a BuildException under specific circumstances. See below for conditions (if any) which will cause a NonFatalBuildException.

    No. default value is taken from the Rhino management parent task.

    <p> .NonFatalBuildException throw conditions This task does not throw NonFatalBuildException.

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      • WaitTilConvergedTask

        public WaitTilConvergedTask()
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        protected void execute()
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        execute in class AbstractBaseTask
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        protected void validateParameters()
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        validateParameters in class AbstractBaseTask