Class InstallTask

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    public class InstallTask
    extends AbstractBaseTask

    A Rhino management sub task for installing Deployable Units.

    Ant Parameters
    Attribute Description Required


    Type of deployable unit. Default supported types: "du", "bindings"

    No. Defaults to "deployable unit".


    URL deployable unit to install.

    Not required if srcfile is specified.


    The install level to which the deployable unit should be installed. Must be one of "INSTALLED", "VERIFIED", or "DEPLOYED".

    No. Defaults to "DEPLOYED".


    If true, assign bundle prefixes to any SAS mini-bundles in the DU.

    No. Defaults to 'false'.


    Path to deployable unit to install.

    Not required if url is specified.


    Flag to control failure behaviour. If 'true', the sub task will throw a BuildException when an error is encountered. If 'false', the sub task will throw a NonFatalBuildException instead of a BuildException under specific circumstances. See below for conditions (if any) which will cause a NonFatalBuildException.

    No. default value is taken from the Rhino management parent task.

    The location of the deployable unit JAR file to read, and the URL to associate with it when passing it to Rhino is determined as follows:

    • If both srcfile and url parameters are specified the JAR file is read from the file indicatedby srcfile and the URL used is that specified by url.

    • If only srcfile is specified then the JAR file is read from this file and the filename is also used to construct a URL.

    • If only url is specified then the JAR file is read from this location and deployed using the specified URL.

    NonFatalBuildException throw conditions
    • The task is run targeting an already deployed deployable unit.

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      • InstallTask

        public InstallTask()
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      • execute

        protected void execute()
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        execute in class AbstractBaseTask
      • addFileSet

        public void addFileSet​( fileset)
      • validateParameters

        protected void validateParameters()
        Specified by:
        validateParameters in class AbstractBaseTask
      • setType

        public void setType​(String type)
      • setUrl

        public void setUrl​(String url)
      • setSrcfile

        public void setSrcfile​(File srcFile)
      • setInstalllevel

        public void setInstalllevel​(InstallLevel installLevel)
      • setAssignBundleMappings

        public void setAssignBundleMappings​(boolean assignBundleMappings)